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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2017 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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the benefits. that's the power. of making it. this is the w. news live from but the return of the far right in austria the conservatives strike a deal to bring the anti immigration freedom policy into government europe's long youngest leader promises they'll crack down on illegal immigration and strengthen the economy but what does austria is move to the rights mean for the continent also coming up. a tight race to replace south africa's jacob zuma as the country's
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ruling party prepares didn't vote for a new media the can the scandal weakened a.n.c. winning back public trust in time for the twenty nineteen. and in going disney soft cover interim gladbach make mincemeat out of going into the winter break taking them to fourth place in this town. on helena humphrey thanks for joining me. austria is on track to become western europe's only country with a far right party in government after the conservatives struck a coalition deal with the freedom party austria's new chancellor sebastian coats will become the continent's youngest leader off to his party one october's elections with a hardline against immigration will go to vienna to find out what the return of the
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far right means for the country's future the first this report the deal is done for a new government in austria and it's one that shifts the country sharply to the rice sebastian courts the leader of the conservative people's party will become chancellor and europe's youngest head of government at just thirty one. he has partnered with karl heinz tata the leader of the far right freedom party their top goal to curb immigration. our goals are very clear we want to reduce the burden on taxpayers we want to strengthen our position to secure our social security system above all we want to ensure more security in our country including fighting illegal immigration. kurtz's hardline stance on immigration was one of the main reasons he topped the october poll he addressed the anxieties of many voters about the refugee crisis calling for
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tougher border controls and promising change his party won the election with thirty one point five percent of the vote. exactly two months ago the austrian people voted they made a clear decision for a change in our country. if you want to secure this change together in the next five years. austrian president alexander found a balun is expected to swear in the new government on monday but it's not one that he like the green leaning politician is an open critic of the far right just one year ago he narrowly won the presidential election against the freedom party he's come to us now some of the other stories making news around the world romania is holding a funeral for king michael who died earlier this month after a long struggle with me kamya and skin cancer he died at the age of ninety six in
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exile in switzerland michael ruled romania twice before he was forced to abdicate by the country's former communist regime in one nine hundred forty seven. german chancellor angela merkel's bavarian conservative sister party has reelected cost zero for as its leader but with his weakest support so far as a whole for has been under pressure since his party's poor performance in september's elections early this month he announced he would step down next year as the varian governor but remain as party leader. a powerful earthquake has struck indonesia's main island of java killing at least three people and injuring many more the six point five magnitude quake destroyed dozens of homes in heysel forty's to evacuate patients from damaged hospitals. to health workers who contracted a bowler in sierra leone have filed a norse suit against the government accusing it of mismanaging funds they also
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allege that inadequate resources from the government led to their infection more than three thousand people died of the virus in the country between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen. now to south africa where delegates from the country's ruling a.n.c. party are gathering to elect a successor to president jacob zuma whose term as leader of the party has come to an end when it's shaping up to be a tight race one of the frontrunners is xena's ex-wife and former foreign minister and causes on a new zuma she's a leftist who's voted to improve prospects for the country's black majority she's up against deputy president serial ramaphosa he said business friendly trade unionist and one of the way wealthiest people on the continent. well for more on this we're joined by journalist philip divest from the mail and guardian in jenna's both philip the a.n.c. is deeply divided some of the delegates have been in exclude it from this
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convention at the very last minute tell us more about that last six hours be i'm sure julie. is this conference a great deal of their time was taken up by. trying to figure out what to do with a number of cases that came to me yesterday that excluded some of its delegates now today up to this afternoon we have cases where branches of the a.n.c. say that they wish to object to the delegates who had been appointed to vote on their behalf they're saying that there are names on these lists that they've never seen before and we have told us more legal action should some of these delegates be allowed in on the other hand we have and the delegates who believed that they were legitimately elected they have not been allowed to present the credentials as they have not been allowed to register there's the extent of the luxury that means they won't be able to vote for it let's take a look at the two main candidates now and let me assume and ramaphosa could either
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of them truly bring about change within the party. that is really the question in the war we watched today just how deeply divided our tears were right down the middle is the split the more difficult it would seem to bring it together again the . history of making it policy seems very much consensus driven but at the moment there's a ribbon party and the question so much is not who will be the next even but will actually be able to lead a party all we have a party that remains divided against itself and in a state of civil war going into future elections right you point out there is future elections despite the fact that the a.n.c. has been plagued by scandal and corruption allegations some say it's almost certain to win those elections next year why is that. so well the a.n.c. has easily won all elections that the whole thing. will in south africa and even in the last six elections with the shock that line that supports the bronx fifty four
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saints or voting for it at the moment its popularity is that climbing quite quickly but a lot of voters still is that they are simply no alternatives yes no opposition parties that they believe in so chances are perhaps a flyer coalition that soul of the a.n.c. will maintain power come to eighty ninety all right philip ivette in johannesburg thank you sports now around the trade will square off against brazilian side grania in abu dhabi later today in the final of the fifa club while the cup and if defending champions madrid win that way they would end the year with a remarkable five titles meanwhile grania could become the south american squad to hold the trophy since twenty twelve reality it took to the pitch in abu dhabi one last time before the clap would cup final however the journey to get the hasn't been smooth sailing they just squeezed by al-jazeera in the semi's madrid have been
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misfiring in front of net yet that has not dampened team spirit. and of course i'm going to use your hope i think that's the word we like the most the hope to bring home another title that's what we're here for you to do from a sucky. brazilian side cameo is well aware of madrid's deficiencies the opponent hasn't quite hit top form yet and eight points behind. kenny are confident they can exploit that. still madrid could make history tonight if they kynge the trophy they would become the first team to do so back to back. here in germany mentioning blood back were hoping to end a run of three games without a win in the bundesliga when they hosted hamburg who face the threat of relegation and bloodbath did not disappoint brazilian strikeout efile struck two goals within five minutes late in the going to seal the deal for
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a blood bath three one the final score a big day for blood back and a big day for rafa. and as the final weekend of play in the bundesliga before the winter break in dortmund in particular are hoping to make the most of it under a new coach. dortmund broke an eight match windless streak only this week they face a stern test at home against hoffenheim. found the solution to endorsements but in this league a free full just two days after taking the helm the former cologne coach led the black and yellows to victory at mines but this weekend he faces a test in front of the club's home supporters. to the fact he said this i'm really looking forward to the home game there's no doubt about it it was very important for us to go into this match in the back of a win feeling positive and playing at home with a sense of achievement a criminal. has been working hard with his players over the past few days the
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austrian coach sees himself as something of a psychologist he'll go head to head with you on saturday night off and i'm boss watch dortmund's last game from the stands fueling rumors that he's being lined up to become dortmund's new coach this summer. america does not deserve a chance to spend half a year here is so huge and so great that's how i see this opportunity because the topic of nigel's man doesn't concern me but i will say that he's a good man and always does a great job. has no desire to play games with the media noddles minds focus is firmly on remaining above dortmund in the standings after this weekend's clash. doesn't know if we need to be prepared even though there are a large number of dortmund players i'd injured even with their missing players they still have a top quality squad but so do we and we feel good going into the match of a hard fought battle is in store but dortmund are hopeful another win can mark the end of the wildly volatile part of their season. well let's return to our top story
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now the return of the far right in austria and a government to bring in rosy weights now from australian public pool cost a f rosie the far right freedom party has been in coalition governments in austria before so this is not the first time what impact all they like to have this time. well that's quite hard to say now as we're only just learning that they've agreed to form a coalition and the freedom party has been in opposition for more than a decade the last coalition was in two thousand but s├ębastien could sue as the head of the people's party is set to be chancellor he's just thirty one he'll be the world's youngest head of government we will hear later this afternoon who will get what ministries although the people's party has just confirmed that the freedom party will get the interior foreign and defense ministries now those are important ministries for a junior coalition partner it's also been reported that sebastian cook's has
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secured a guarantee from the freedom party that there will be no breck's it style referendum in austria and he's repeatedly said that the new government will be pro european. the last time that the far right and to government in austria the e.u. impose sanctions in protest can we expect a reaction now from brussels we are expecting a more muted response definitely not sanctions as as far as i know because there's been a rise of anti establishment and right wing parties across europe for example in the recent elections in france in holland in hungary so we think it will be a more muted response but yet some of these far right parties did not make such a gain that they have in austria so i mean what's the distinction that what propelled the far right to a strong part of the vote in austria. well the freedom party certainly positioned
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south as more moderate than in previous years campaigned very heavily as did the people's party on immigration and the fact that during the the refugee crisis a large number of asylum seekers came to australia ninety thousand people it's a small country and that certainly had an impact on voter opinion particularly in rural areas now straka the head of the freedom party and sebastian kurtz have both said that they want to make fighting radical islam a priority and of course people have seen attacks across europe and that has spread fear over those that haven't been any such attacks in austria both parties also oppose turkish membership of the e.u. and polls here regularly show that most austrians agree with that that as you point out refugees islam border security the these issues all dominated the campaign austria did take a lot of refugees in the migration crisis but has there been a notable effect on society why did these positions go down so well with artists
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well i think it was things like pledging to cut benefits for refugees and not allowing a repeat of the the huge numbers of people who arrived in twenty fifteen that was ok so could the head of the people's party he that was his line really are as he waits indiana thank you very much you're watching news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour siege an. image from an isolated. images from north korea. the italians the targets are captured the city shots of everyday life.


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